Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Day Nine: Tapering Off

Today was a little more downbeat, the main photo contributor was "grounded" so that he could focus more on his college supplements... So the result was a more domestically-minded post, but all the same, progress was made on the wall. Today was also primarily writing focused for the entire group because we are running out out time to build our wall and so, as can you can see in the second picture (at the very edge of the picture), Alistair has established a terminus on the stone wall for our trip.

The Wall Looking Like A Real Wall

Almost Done!

Back To Writing

The Gang Working Hard

At the end of the day Alistair asked us all to write a short letter to ourselves after we graduate college and then put them in a time capsule where he will retrieve them and send them to us after we graduate. 

A Picture of The Loch From The End of The Wall

Also, today we obliterated the 100 viewer mark (for a single day, 150 and counting). Thank you all for reading :)

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  1. The wall looks great! All of your hard work has paid off. Which card game is everybody playing?